Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Our saturday entertainment line up so far....

On the saturday we have some fabulous acts:

At 11am on the theatrical horsehoe pavilion stage we have Goodnight Astor. This duo present to you a unique mix of pop, jazz and dark cabaret, bringing you through the case and illuminating the answers. The girls have been writing and performing music for the past three years, up and down the UK, loving nothing better than being on stage, and putting on a good show.

At 1pm on the stage I am honoured to announce, the amazing and incredibly talented Kirsty Almeida
in 2010 the Guardian described her as "mystical folkie to jazzy chanteuse and soul belter, this newbie sounds like several singers in one cute package".

Since then the manchester based singer has released 5 albums and special limited edition singles, her newest single Cool down rewind will be available in a couple of weeks. She has also  written and recorded five songs for the movie Albatross which hits UK cinemas in October last year. Her single 'If You Can't Make Me Happy' features after the enchanting title sequence Kirsty composed. She goes on a European tour in March.

At 4pm we will be listening to the guitar playing acoustic, folk, indie, punk chic Laura Catlow.

Stewart Darkin of Blend Magazine said "She produces such poignant, funny, and at all times, delicate vignettes of modern life.. Just once, you might be able to say that, yes, you were there at the very beginning. The name's Laura Catlow and you heard it here first." She has been featured in Diva magazine, NME online and The Guardian.

All photos belong to the people who took them not me x

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