Thursday, 9 February 2012

Introducing the marvelous Mrs Marmalade

There is the most wonderful lady sewing away in Blackpool, she makes the most adorable pincushions with kitsch trinkets on top and gorgeous patchwork quilts that make you think of home, her designs are bright, cheerful and unique just like her, as a stallholder and a good friend I asked her about her crafting:

She said "The joy of homemade has always charmed me - reworking vintage loveliness into "new" and finding lost treasures appeals to the Mrs Marmalade in me. Making quilts is a pleasure I have been making baby and dolly quilts for 10 years and just can't stop :O] x!"
 Always on the look out for unusual finds she scours charity shops and boot sales looking for interesting pieces to add to her wonderful kitsch collection of trinkets .

She takes pieces of vintage and retro fabric and turns them into the most lovely fun
items for your home, she explains she was a late starter, just a decade of making and a dreadful sewing student at school she is only too happy to sew and make in place of everyday busyness, she is most happiest sewing, creating and reading blogs!

Her displays at craft fairs make you instantly smile, so cheerful and full of colour, she would love nothing more than to give up the day job and craft full time, she has got a keen eye and a natural flair for putting colours and fabrics together.

I asked her if she had three wishes what would they be?
Three wishes ........
1. Wear glasses that stay on my nose ! :o]
2. Remember to put felt tip lids back on ! :o]
3. .... and not to behave too starstruck ..... Oh My Gosh .... Dottie Angel :O] x !!
Joking aside, I really only need happy and healthy and my family and friends for my dreams to come true xxxxxxxx

When she isn't at home she spends time walking Walter the adorable family dog and being generous to her friends by finding just the right things she knows we like.

Lately she has made some gorgeous dresses for the girls at Children of Watamu, since the year 2000 the charity has been very hard working in Watamu in many ways, The Happy House opened in March 2010. It is home to children who have been orphaned, abandoned, and in some cases cruelly abused. It is a Happy home for children. When you stand outside you hear laughter and singing. When you come inside you see happy, healthy, smiling faces

Here are two of the girls wearing Mrs Marmalade's latest fashion range, she is also busy making bunting for the shelter charity shop and trying out new patterns to add to her range of crafty makes.
Her life motto is "Work hard and be nice to people :O]"
You can find her on facebook where it would make her day if you "like" her page and folksy where she sells her peg dolls and quilts x

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